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This OEM Factory Plastic Trigger was made in Turkey by Bora Arms.  The plastic trigger has a steel insert.

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This OEM Factory Plastic Trigger was made in Turkey by Bora Arms.  The plastic trigger has a steel insert.  There is also a cast version of the trigger available for purchase.  Triple F Firearms removed the part from its original firearm to replace it with a United States Made part, in order to be compliant with the 922r Rule.  Therefore the removal of these parts was to enable upgrades on various parts of the firearm.  This trigger is an exact replacement part by the original equipment manufacturer.  Meaning it will fit most “standard” AR 12 style shotguns made in Turkey.  Including, but not limited to, the MKA 1919, Bora Arms Shotguns: Panzer Arms and BR99, or any standard shotgun that has an operating rod system, below the barrel.  We offer these as O.E.M. replacement parts for repair, upgrade, and replacement.

922r Compliant?

This part is not compliant with the 922r Rule.  Are you looking for compliant replacement part?  You can find some of these parts, that are U.S. made, on our product page, including the compliance kit, pistons, magazine base plate, and more: https://ar-shotgun.com/product/br-99-922r-compliance-kit/.  If you are not familiar with the 922r Rule, you can find more information on our 922r Rule page: https://ar-shotgun.com/922r-rule/.  For a more in depth and easy to understand explanation of the rule please visit the Gun University website at: https://gununiversity.com/922r-compliance/.  

Have more questions?

If you have more questions about the OEM Factory Plastic Trigger, are unsure if it will fit your shotgun, or have more questions about the 922r Rule, feel free to email us at sales@ar-shotgun.com.  You can also give us a call at (352)547-9437, or better yet visit us during normal business hours.  Our address is located in Massillon, Ohio at 1200 Cleveland St SW.  The more detail and pictures you leave in an email, the better we will be able to help answer your questions.  Thank you in advance.


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