Panzer AR12 Polymer Gen 3 Stock Adaptor


This stock adaptor is specifically designed to upgrade the Panzer AR12 Gen 3 Polymer Shotgun.  All bolts are included.

The stock must be cut for this adaptor to be installed. 

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Product Info

This stock adaptor is specifically designed to upgrade the Panzer AR12 Gen 3 Polymer Shotgun.  However, it may be adaptable to other shotgun makes or models.  All bolts are included. This is the adapter only.

How we make the adaptor.

The stock adaptor for your Panzer AR12 Gen 3 Shotgun stock upgrade is made in the USA.  These parts are manufactured using a CNC mill.   6061T6 aluminum is the material we use for both parts.  We machine it to tight tolerances and bead blast to a matte finish.  The product is then black anodized via Russel Products in Akron, Ohio  In order to install the stock, the adaptor needs the Buffer Tube Adaptor addition.   Therefore, allowing connection between the adaptor and the buffer tube.   If you would like to purchase the whole stock upgrade, you can purchase the kit on our product page:  

How to Install.

Your Shotgun will need to be cut one inch from the lower to install the adaptor.  The adaptor will fit right into the lower.  You will then want to screw the adaptor in place and attach the buffer tube adaptor.  Next, use the set screw to ensure the buffer tube adaptor will not move once installed, creating a snug fit.  Once both of the adaptors are screwed into place the buffer tube and stock are ready to be put on.

Have more questions?

The instructions sheet for the Panzer AR 12 Gen 3 Stock Adaptor upgrade is located on the 922r Rule page  Each of the Panzer AR 12 Gen 3 parts are shipped with an instruction sheet, for your convenience.  For more instructions to help you assemble the parts visit  If you have more questions about your Panzer AR 12 Gen 3 Shotgun Stock Upgrade, feel free to email us at, give us a call at (352)547-9437, or better yet visit us during normal business hours.  Our address is located in Massillon, Ohio at 1200 Cleveland St SW.



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