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Complete Compliance Kit to make BR-99, MKA 1919, or Panzer AR12 Shotguns compliant to 922r.  However, the kit may be adaptable to other shotgun makes or models.

Product Info

The compliance kit was designed to allow the adaptations of firearms.  The 922r Rule states, if a firearm is to be modified the firearm must have a certain number of US Made parts.  Modifications of the firearm include, but are not limited to, the stock upgrade, barrel upgrade, flash hiders, and more.  If your firearm is foreign made, you would need at least 10 US Made parts.

922r Rule

The rule explains, your firearm should have no more than 10 foreign made parts out of the 20 listed items.  Which is often referred to as 10 US Made parts needing to be installed in the firearm in order to be compliant.  These 20 parts are 1. frames, receivers, receiver castings, forgings or stampings  2. barrels  3. barrel extensions  4. mounting blocks  5. muzzle attachments  6. bolts  7. bolt carriers  8. operating rods  9. gas pistons  10. trigger housings  11. triggers  12. hammers  13. sears  14. disconnectors  15. butt stocks  16. pistol grips  17. forearms, hand guards  18. magazine bodies  19. followers  20. floorplates.

How We Make the Parts

The disconnector, hammer, and piston are designed by Triple F.  The trigger, trigger spring, and the disconnector spring are all Milspec parts.  Each piston is CNC machined out of stainless steel with precise dimensions, for each model of firearm available.  For the hammer and disconnector, both parts need to be laser cut by PJ’s fabrications at  Both are cut from high quality steel .  The bushing on the hammer is CNC machined.  After the parts are cut and machined, they are bead blasted and black oxidized.  Prior to shipping and after they are finished being produced, the parts are oiled to prevent rusting.  If you would like to purchase the pistons separately you are able to on the product page, high velocity piston:;  standard velocity piston:

How to Install

In order to install the kit, you must remove the upper from the lower.  Then remove the fire control parts, also known as the trigger group.  For easy disassembly and assembly, remove the disconnector, next the trigger, and lastly the hammer.  To assemble, install the parts in the reverse order.  Putting the hammer in first, trigger next, and finally the disconnector last.  All of the fire control parts will be replaced using this kit except for the hammer spring.  You will need to reinstall the hammer spring already provided to you in the firearm.   Triple F will be creating a video, better explaining this process.  The video will be  uploaded to the instructions page, to assist you in the process.

Have More Questions?

We cannot give legal advice, however if you have more questions about the 922r Rule we may be able to help give a better understanding by visiting our 922r Rule page located in the Info section of our site:  If you have more questions about your Compliance Kit Upgrade, feel free to email us at, give us a call at (352)547-9437, or better yet visit us during normal business hours.  Our address is located in Massillon, Ohio at 1200 Cleveland St SW.

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