Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the high velocity piston?

A: As offered in the gen 4 and pro models, the high velocity should be used for high velocity rounds.  The low velocity piston attempts to capture more gas to fire the round and comes as the pre-installed piston.  The high velocity piston bleeds off more gas to fire the rounds and prevent “excessive recoil, internal wear, and possible damage” for ammunition of 1¼ oz/ 1350 feet per second or higher/ farther.  

Q: Do you offer a folding stock upgrade?

A: We do not carry folding stocks, however all of our adaptors will allow the upgrade to a folding stock without the extra buffer tube adaptor. 

Q: Will the Panzer Polymer Gen 3 adaptor work for the Gen 4?

A:  Unfortunately the changes from Gen 3 to Gen 4 are too large to be able to use the same stock adaptor due to changes in the stock. 

Q: Do you carry an adaptor that would work for the VR60?

A:  The BR99 adaptor would fit the VR60 model.

Q: You don’t carry an adaptor for my model of shotgun. Could I still upgrade my shotgun?

A: We have a program in place for if the adaptors do not fit your model of gun.  You would ship us your gun through an FFL and we would design a brand new adaptor to fit your stock.

Q: Do you have a gas piston that would fit the Panzer Gen 3 Model?

A: The gas piston named US-Made Piston would fit the Gen 3 Panzer Shotgun.

Q: You have multiple different adaptors for different versions of the Panzer, how do I identify which one I have?

A:  We have made a page to help identify which firearm is yours.  You can find this page under Upgrade Your Shotgun.  

Q: Do you offer a military discount?

A:  Yes, just send us verification through email to receive the military discount.

Q: I don’t want to cut the stock myself, could you do it?

A:  Yes, we offer a service to cut and install the new stock to your gun. For the peace of mind of a professional machine cut.

Q: Is the non-pro model for the Panzer AR12 upgradable?

A:  Yes, the stock would need to be cut to install the new stock kit.

Still have more questions? Contact us via email: or give us a call at (352)547-9437 during normal business hours.  

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