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Final Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot 2021

Final Knob Creek
Machine Gun Shoot 2021

Triple F had the honor of attending the last ever Military and Machine Gun Shoot at Knob Creek Range in Fort Knox, Kentucky. The experience is like no other.  People from all different places and walks of life come together to share their expertise as well as various different military items, ammo, fireworks, guns, and more.  

During the day time, anyone could participate in firing machine guns, helicopter rides, or watch the shooting events.  There were lots of competitions taking place and many firearms and explosives going off constantly.  Once the main range was done shooting, we were able to walk down range and see what all these guns could do.  Cars were cut in half, wooden spindles were obliterated, the barrels had so many holes it was a marvel they were still standing.  Tanks were showcased and fired at certain times of the day.  Their explosions shook the ground we were walking on.  So did the cannon that was fired during some of the shoots at the main range.  

The whole show was incredible to be a part of.  Seeing the helicoptor fly overhead during the national anthem made chills creep up our spines.  Only to be followed by the amazing sounds of the machine guns and Tannerite exploding.  We wish you all could be there to experience it with us but, here is a video showcases some of the things we saw.  

Once it was finally dark, the night shoot began.  The lines were at least a mile long to get into the night shoot; everyone wanted a chance to experience it.  The machine guns were loaded with tracers for the crowd to see what it really looks like to shoot a machine gun and how quickly the bullets are flying through the air decimating its target.  Then, the Tannerite is hit, exploding into massive mushrooms clouds.  The heat wave and shock of the explosion is felt so heavily, I’m surprised no one eyebrows were singed off.  The ear muffs were recommended throughout the whole event but during the night shoot it was necessary.  We could feel the power of the guns and explosions from pretty far away.  

The whole event was a very powerful couple of days.  Seeing and feeling the immense power of the mini gun and other machine guns going off is surreal.  Feeling the heat of the Tannerite going off while mushrooms clouds bellowed into the air was astonshing.  Everyone should get at least one chance to take part in attending any Gun Show, but a Military and Machine Gun Shoot, like this, is a must.  It gives a whole new meaning to the right to bear arms and respect to the Military and their forces. 

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