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In Loving Memory of Sean Patrick Richey

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our close family friend, Sean Patrick Richey. Sean was not just a friend, but was a part of our family here at Triple F as he was the father of our Office Manager Shannon Richey. Our family ties go all the way back to his high school years, when he and one of our Co-founders took vocational machine tool class together.

When we decided to open Triple F, Sean took many, many precision machinists tools from his own personal collection and donated them to our shop. When we added a CNC Lathe, it was Sean who helped us get it up and running. Years later, we added a CNC Milling Machine and it was Sean Richey who once again stepped up and helped us to bring it online. While he was teaching me how to run the CNC Mill, he mentioned that his daughter Shannon would be a good fit for the person I was looking for to help in the office and with the computer issues and website. He was absolutely correct. We here at Triple F will be forever in his debt.

Sean was diagnosed with cancer a little over a year ago, and his battle came to a surprisingly abrupt end on Thursday October 13th. During a procedure at the hospital, his heart stopped, and Sean left us. We are dazed and confused and our hearts are broken. This was not the way the battle was supposed to go. We had expected our dear friend to be laughing and joking with us again soon.

Please bear with us as we mourn our friend and father. We are a small family business. There are no extra troops we can call in as back up when something like this happens. Shannon will be out of the office for as long as it takes, but we will continue to do our best as a company. We are not some big conglomerate. If we make a mistake, call us. That’s my phone number on the website. We will make it right.
Please keep Shannon and her three brothers in your thoughts and prayers.


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Explore the Different Stocks You Could Use

Explore the Different
Stocks You Could Use

Using Triple F Firearms adaptors, there are many different stocks you could use and options you could explore.  The versatility of any adaptor sold by allows for three different options.

First option is the upgrade to collapisble stock: 

The collapisble stock option allows for a much larger adjustment than any other option.  Triple F stock adaptors are designed to upgrade to the milspec standard stock.  The stock can be extended or shortened to fit more comfortably.  This can also lead to more safety when firing your weapon because, the most stable the gun is when firing, mistakes are less likely.  

Second option is the folding stock: 

The folding stock upgrade is a great option for anyone who wants to store their firearm in a smaller space or for travel to and from ranges or shows.  The convience of a folding stock is unbeatable.  

Lastly, but certainly not least, is the collapsible folding stock option: 

Combing the collapsible with the folding stock is the ultimate combination.  You get the best of both worlds, the comfortabltity to adjust the stock and the convenience of easy storage.  

Triple F Firearms stock adaptors allow for one or the either upgrades or both.  If you are ready for your upgrade visit our products page to explore the adaptors that would be right for your shotgun:

or you could visit our upgrade your shotgun page for more information regarding shotguns and the parts: