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In Loving Memory of Sean Patrick Richey

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our close family friend, Sean Patrick Richey. Sean was not just a friend, but was a part of our family here at Triple F as he was the father of our Office Manager Shannon Richey. Our family ties go all the way back to his high school years, when he and one of our Co-founders took vocational machine tool class together.

When we decided to open Triple F, Sean took many, many precision machinists tools from his own personal collection and donated them to our shop. When we added a CNC Lathe, it was Sean who helped us get it up and running. Years later, we added a CNC Milling Machine and it was Sean Richey who once again stepped up and helped us to bring it online. While he was teaching me how to run the CNC Mill, he mentioned that his daughter Shannon would be a good fit for the person I was looking for to help in the office and with the computer issues and website. He was absolutely correct. We here at Triple F will be forever in his debt.

Sean was diagnosed with cancer a little over a year ago, and his battle came to a surprisingly abrupt end on Thursday October 13th. During a procedure at the hospital, his heart stopped, and Sean left us. We are dazed and confused and our hearts are broken. This was not the way the battle was supposed to go. We had expected our dear friend to be laughing and joking with us again soon.

Please bear with us as we mourn our friend and father. We are a small family business. There are no extra troops we can call in as back up when something like this happens. Shannon will be out of the office for as long as it takes, but we will continue to do our best as a company. We are not some big conglomerate. If we make a mistake, call us. That’s my phone number on the website. We will make it right.
Please keep Shannon and her three brothers in your thoughts and prayers.


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All American Machinegun Shoot 2022

all American machinegun shoot & gun show

All American Machine
Gun Shoot & Gun Show 2022

Triple F Firearms is proud to announce that we are an official sponsor of the first annual All American Machinegun Shoot & Gun Show.  This exciting new event will be held on October 14th and 15th, 2022 at the Saw Mill Training Complex in Laurens, SC.  

We have joined the likes of Brownell’s, Glock, Barrett, Rugged Suppressors, and others in sponsoring this event, along with our hosts, the team at AAMGS with “Rapidfire” Rachel and the Saw Mill Training Complex.  Our range Sponsorship gives us live fire capabilities.  We are excited to participate in this event and be able to demonstrate our products.  

Triple F will be doing instructional classes on a variety of AR-12 style shotguns, including disassembly/reassembly and proper care and cleaning.  We will also be doing several “live fire” reviews of different AR-12 shotguns.  Our range sponsorship will allow us to review multiple different brands of ammunition as we test fire the ammo in our shotguns.  

Join us for a fun filled and instructional weekend of machineguns, shotguns, and everything in between, including a music concert on Friday evening and what is sure to be epic night shoots on Friday and Saturday.  

machine gun

Triple F Firearms will be posting an itinerary to keep everyone posted on when and where things will be happening during this event.   For more information regarding sponsorships, ticket prices, and more visit:   We hope to see all of you in person at our booth and at the range. However, if you cannot make it this year make sure you check out our Facebook or Instagram as we get closer to the event and during the event to see all the incredible photos and videos or to stay updated on times. 

If you have any more questions please contact us at   

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Memorial Day 2022

memorial day

Memorial Day 2022

Fellow Americans,

This Memorial Day, we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country, so that we might be free.  We all understand that freedom is not free.  To the thousands of men and women who gave literally everything they had, we pause to pay tribute.  The cost runs deep through the families and loved ones of those brave patriots who gave their lives. 

So many times we have looked at the Memorial Day Holiday as the beginning of summer, and we plan picnics and say “Happy Memorial Day”.  We look forward to a three day weekend in which we can get together with our family and friends.  

But let us remember what this Holiday is really about.  Let us pause for a moment, to remember America’s fallen.  However, we should not be ashamed of our picnics and barbecues.  Do not be ashamed of our weekend festivities.  To do so, would to be ashamed of our freedom.  Our freedom is exactly what our heroes sacrificed for, so that we might sleep peacefully in our beds at night and safely spend time with our family and friends in the freest place on earth.  

God bless our Heroes, and God bless America. 

Dale Fish, President


Sale begins Friday, May 27th and ends Monday, May 30th at midnight.  

up to 50% Discount

Active Military & Veterans recieve
30% OFF
entire order

Please email us at to verify.  

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Weird Things, Springs and Firearm Magic

firearms magic

Weird Things, Springs
and Firearm Magic

If you have been a firearm owner/enthusiast for any length of time, then you are well aware that “weird things” happen when on the range. I want to assure you, that while it may not be obvious at the moment, there is a perfectly factual explanation for all of those things.

In addition to being a firearm enthusiast, I have been a Journeyman Tool and Die Maker for my entire adult life. I have always approached firearms with that technical attitude, and the fact is that a firearm is a mechanically functioning device. When the dimensions and tolerances within the mechanical properties of the firearm are where they should be, the gun will function exactly as it was designed to.

Post Spoiler: There is no such thing as Firearm Magic.

Most people enjoy magic “tricks” and yet are also mature enough to know that they are illusions of slight of hand or other “tricks” performed by the magician. With firearms, there is no magic.  We do not suddenly step outside of the laws of physics, just because our mechanical device is a “firearm”.

There are outside factors that can affect the performance of the firearm, such as improper ammunition for example. This is especially important with semi-auto firearms, that rely on a certain amount of gas pressure and spring tension in order to function properly. If the ammunition is not at the specification that the designer intended, then the mechanical device will fail.

But we are humans, and if they say it needs this much pressure, we want to know what will happen with that much pressure. To know why it needs this much spring tension to what will happen with that much spring tension. I get it…and it is all fine and good as long as we remember one thing: there is no magic in firearms.


firearms magic

That is from page 501 of the Machinery’s Handbook 21st Edition.

You see what wears out a coil spring, is not sitting in it’s “free state” nor it’s “closed state”. What wears out or weakens a coil spring is deflections. It is reasonably safe to assume that the coil springs used in these Turkish vertical magazine fed shotguns is of the “average service” variety. As the handbook states, if you are running at around 18,000 cycles per hour, you should expect to only get between 100 thousand cycles to 1 million cycles out of that coil spring.

There is no magic trick that is going to get you to 100 thousand rounds of deflection. When a machinist or a gunsmith uses the term “tricks of the trade”; they are not talking about “magic tricks”.

Go ahead….say “lock the bolt open for 30 days one more time”

Dale, President

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Explore the Different Stocks You Could Use

Explore the Different
Stocks You Could Use

Using Triple F Firearms adaptors, there are many different stocks you could use and options you could explore.  The versatility of any adaptor sold by allows for three different options.

First option is the upgrade to collapisble stock: 

The collapisble stock option allows for a much larger adjustment than any other option.  Triple F stock adaptors are designed to upgrade to the milspec standard stock.  The stock can be extended or shortened to fit more comfortably.  This can also lead to more safety when firing your weapon because, the most stable the gun is when firing, mistakes are less likely.  

Second option is the folding stock: 

The folding stock upgrade is a great option for anyone who wants to store their firearm in a smaller space or for travel to and from ranges or shows.  The convience of a folding stock is unbeatable.  

Lastly, but certainly not least, is the collapsible folding stock option: 

Combing the collapsible with the folding stock is the ultimate combination.  You get the best of both worlds, the comfortabltity to adjust the stock and the convenience of easy storage.  

Triple F Firearms stock adaptors allow for one or the either upgrades or both.  If you are ready for your upgrade visit our products page to explore the adaptors that would be right for your shotgun:

or you could visit our upgrade your shotgun page for more information regarding shotguns and the parts:

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Why the Firearms Business?

I do it for the FUN of it

When Shannon, our Office Manager returned from her deployment by the National Guard, in response to the Wuhan Chinese virus, I asked her to give me a place on the website in which I could share some of my thoughts and knowledge. I have really missed her during her deployment, but that is another issue I may sound off on later.

And so this is my first post.

We as a company attended the final machine-gun shoot at Knob Creek Range in West Point Kentucky, and were sitting around the table having dinner the night before the show. One of our guests asked me a question, that I was certain I knew the answer to, but it totally caught me off guard and I stammered through my response.

The question was simple: Why? Why do you do what you do?

I mean after all,  I retired over 8 years ago at age 55.  Personally, I am financially sound. I literally lose money every year with the firearms business, so why bother with it at all?

As I mentioned, when I was asked that question at Knob Creek it took me by surprise and I really did not know how to respond at the time. I have always known the answer, and yet I was not able to explain it properly. The truth is that the answer is as simple as the question was.

Why?….I do it for the FUN of it.

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Final Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot 2021

Final Knob Creek
Machine Gun Shoot 2021

Triple F had the honor of attending the last ever Military and Machine Gun Shoot at Knob Creek Range in Fort Knox, Kentucky. The experience is like no other.  People from all different places and walks of life come together to share their expertise as well as various different military items, ammo, fireworks, guns, and more.  

During the day time, anyone could participate in firing machine guns, helicopter rides, or watch the shooting events.  There were lots of competitions taking place and many firearms and explosives going off constantly.  Once the main range was done shooting, we were able to walk down range and see what all these guns could do.  Cars were cut in half, wooden spindles were obliterated, the barrels had so many holes it was a marvel they were still standing.  Tanks were showcased and fired at certain times of the day.  Their explosions shook the ground we were walking on.  So did the cannon that was fired during some of the shoots at the main range.  

The whole show was incredible to be a part of.  Seeing the helicoptor fly overhead during the national anthem made chills creep up our spines.  Only to be followed by the amazing sounds of the machine guns and Tannerite exploding.  We wish you all could be there to experience it with us but, here is a video showcases some of the things we saw.  

Once it was finally dark, the night shoot began.  The lines were at least a mile long to get into the night shoot; everyone wanted a chance to experience it.  The machine guns were loaded with tracers for the crowd to see what it really looks like to shoot a machine gun and how quickly the bullets are flying through the air decimating its target.  Then, the Tannerite is hit, exploding into massive mushrooms clouds.  The heat wave and shock of the explosion is felt so heavily, I’m surprised no one eyebrows were singed off.  The ear muffs were recommended throughout the whole event but during the night shoot it was necessary.  We could feel the power of the guns and explosions from pretty far away.  

The whole event was a very powerful couple of days.  Seeing and feeling the immense power of the mini gun and other machine guns going off is surreal.  Feeling the heat of the Tannerite going off while mushrooms clouds bellowed into the air was astonshing.  Everyone should get at least one chance to take part in attending any Gun Show, but a Military and Machine Gun Shoot, like this, is a must.  It gives a whole new meaning to the right to bear arms and respect to the Military and their forces.