About Triple F Firearms

Triple F Firearms

Who We Are

Triple F Firearms Corporation is a licensed Firearm Manufacturer and Importer of Custom Firearms and Tactical Shotguns.

Dedicated and passionate about the work we do, we put in the work needed to be done, to ensure each customer’s expectations are exceeded.  

We still believe that a man’s word is his bond, and that a handshake is a contract. Trusting in an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work. At Triple F we value conducting our business with the utmost professionalism and integrity.

What We Do

Class II Firearm Manufacturer of Tactical Shotguns and SOT. 

Our team works hard to design and manufacture parts that will help everyone upgrade their firearms.  New parts are always being released, so be sure to keep updated.  

Knowing that our companies’ greatest assets are our employees and not our equipment, we are committed to providing our employees with fair wages and fair treatment.  Triple F abides by all EEO laws in the United States of America, and comply with all applicable human rights, civil rights, labor and environmental laws in our State.

Why Triple F

Specialists in Tactical Shotguns, with a focus on AR-12 Style Shotguns.

Each one of our products and services are carefully designed and manufactured with considerate detail. 

At Triple F we honor the commitments we make to our customers, suppliers and employees, and hold ourselves personally accountable for the decisions we make.  Always, we will do the right thing.

We are proud to say “Made in America” by Triple F Firearms Corporation.

Meet the Staff

Dale Fish

President and Founder

Dale was born and raised in Northeast Ohio.  He is divorced and has two children and two grandchildren.  He earned his Eagle Scout Award during the Bicentennial year.  Dale took machine tool technology in high school, and shortly after graduating joined the United States Marine Corps.  

During his time in the Marines, Dale was called upon to utilize his machine shop skills while working ground support to a helicopter squadron.  After his discharge, Dale earned his journeyman credentials as a Tool and Die Maker from McDonnell Douglas Missiles and Space Corporation. 

While working night shift at McDonnell Douglas, Dale met an eccentric, but brilliant firearms designer and manufacturer.  Then, immediately went to work during the day for this firearm manufacturer.  It was during these years that Dale’s love of shooting sports and firearms bonded perfectly with his knowledge of machine tool technology.  

By the time Dale was 26 years old, he had purchased and opened his own machine shop in Central Florida.  It was at this time that he also became a licensed firearm manufacturer.  He has had manufacturing, importing, and retail sales experience including multiple FFL licenses over the years. 

In addition to Dale’s military schooling and training, he has studied at Kent State University and the University of South Carolina.  His knowledge of firearm function and design, combined with his machine tool technology skills and his business experience are the foundation of what is now known as Triple F Firearms Corporation.  Dale retired at the age of 55 from his duties as Molding Manager of a plastic injection molding facility and began Triple F in 2012. 

Dale currently resides with his mother in Ohio, who is suffering from Dementia, but he owns homes in South Carolina and a lake house in Ocala, Florida.  In his free time, Dale likes camping and hunting, but mostly enjoys shooting machine guns and blowing things up.  For fun, he designs and builds firearm parts.  

Kevan Fish

Vice President

Kevan was born and raised in Northeast Ohio and is married with two children.  When he was a junior in high school, his parent paid tuition to send him to a different local school where he was able to take a machine tool technology curriculum.  After high school, while working at a local machine shop he attended a four year night school apprentice program where he received his Journeyman credentials. 

Kevan eventually rose to the position of General Manager of that same shop before he left and started his own business in construction.  After twenty plus successful years, Kevan retired his business in 2021. 

Kevan’s machine tool background combined with his business experience brings a multi-faceted strength to Triple F Firearms Corporation.  He has been involved in outdoor sports his whole life.  His love of firearms and hunting combined with his experience is why he dedicates much of his spare time to Triple F. 

In his leisure time, Kevan and his wife like to travel and spend the summer weekends at his cabin that sits on an island in the Ohio River.  Kevan currently lives with his wife and daughter in Northeast Ohio.  

Contact: kevan@tripleffirearms.com


Glen Fish

Vice President

Glen was born and raised in North East Ohio and is married with two children.  He achieved the highest rank in Scouting; Eagle Scout prior to his graduation from high school.  After high school, Glen attended a four year night school program where he received his Journeyman credentials while working for a local machine shop.  

Glen has been in the machine tool trade his entire life.  Starting with two years of machine tool technology in high school, then continued education at the four year apprentice program.  Now, he is still currently employed full time as a Journeyman CNC Machinist at a local company. 

Glen has been an avid sport shooter and hunter his entire adult life.  His love of firearms and his machine tool background have come together and become his main hobby. 

In his spare time, Glen dedicates many hours to Triple F Firearms Corporation.  His knowledge and expertise in machine tool technology is vital to the company.  Later, once he retires from his full time position, Glen would like to spend more time at the shop.  

In his leisure time, Glen and his wife like to spend time at the campsite they have owned for years.  In addition to camping, Glen likes to spend time with his wife, children, and grandchildren at his home in Northeast Ohio.  

Contact:  glen@tripleffirearms.com

Shannon Richey

Office Manager

       Shannon grew up in Northeast Ohio.  Where she also attended grade school.  After graduating from high school, she went on to college.  During college, Shannon joined the Ohio Army National Guard.  She is currently serving her term as a CBRN Specialist in Southwest Ohio.  All while continuing her education in the computer sciences.  

Shannon has previously worked in customer service and the retail sales business.  Thus her knowledge of computer sciences, experience in sales, and military background help her excel in a firearms company (no pun intended).  

 She believes in the right to bear arms and the right to know the ins and outs of firearms.  As the office manager, she is here to help you learn more about your firearm and modify it to your liking and improve safety.  

In her free time, Shannon loves everything outdoors, including camping and shooting sports, and experiencing new things.  She makes sure she spends as much time with friends and family as she can.  

Contact: shannon@tripleffirearms.com